Blaming Others Can Slowly Kill Your Business

In the field of business and money-making, business owners only want one thing: profit. Whenever they experience break-even and loss, they tend to question WHY, then it leads to the blame game. Blaming external and internal factors as reasons for their downfall: blaming their lazy staff, expensive materials, bad weather, too much pressure, family problems, etc. It is very easy to simply point their fingers to others that could be the reasons of the their business’ rapid failure. This is what they called Blame Game.


Blame game has always been one of the pitfalls in business failures. Not only it is pulling the business’s success down to the ground, it is also contagious. Business owners tend to blame other factors, other people, even other businesses whenever they failed to meet their expectations. Business should be the business owners’ vehicle to go their way up; otherwise, blame game can send them back from the scratch.

Why Blaming Others Can Slowly Kill Your Business?

If you are a businessman, you can easily complain and whine about how inefficient the operations are, how poor the productions are, how tardy your workers are. But, at the end of the day, the main point in order to get the company back to track from sinking is taking actions. Focusing on how to fix the main and hidden issues are very important. It saves time and money too. When you do blame game, punishing everyone who are held accountable for the business’ downfall, it will just pull down everyone’s productivity. Blaming others particularly your business partners and workers can make them feel very horrible and guilty. Emotional burden can have a great effect towards production and operations. Thus, it can also create chaos and lack of interest in doing the job well. Worst case is, when your staff decide to quit from their jobs.

So, instead of highlighting the faults and blaming others, (even when they are held accountable), emphasizing and focusing on positive ways to fix the problems is the only way to revive your business.

Here are some tips on how to start a business: