How Pizza Stops Traffic: What’s That All About?

It’s not every day that pizza can stop traffic, but it wasn’t long ago when it actually happened.

A Bladensburg pizza delivery driver made news when a routine traffic stop turned into a traffic-stopping headline. The driver was doing his job, delivering pizza when he was pulled over for what he says was a routine traffic stop. He also says that excessive force, including the officer pulling his gun, was used during the exchange with the police officer. The pizza delivery guy also got the police officer’s actions on video with his cell phone.

As you know, there are two sides to every story and the officer states that the video taken by the pizza delivery driver was the very end of a very long ordeal. The officer involved stated that the pizza delivery driver was driving erratically, which caused him to nearly hit another driver and caused the police to initiate the stop. The driver, however, ignored the officer’s attempt to pull him over. Once he did stop and interact with the police, he was defiant, refusing to roll his window down, give them his license and registration, and more.

The pizza delivery driver is now suing the police officers for civil rights violations. That’s a real story if you ask me!

Pizza has many mystical powers, but stopping traffic is something new. While the officer has some real evidence on his side, the pizza delivery driver has video proof of the end of the exchange. Right or wrong? Luckily the courts will decide the case, and we will all have the opportunity to wage our opinion on the outcome. It won’t be long, though, before another cell phone filming or picture-taking incident takes over the news channels and makes us question our sanity all over again.